Isabelina’s Autumn | Winter colours pair perfectly with Plascon 2016 Heirloom Theme

16 May 2016

We love collaborating with Plascon at their Design Quarter Plascon Spaces Showroom and are constantly enlightened by Plascon’s Brand Ambassador, Claire Bond, who has an amazing eye for colours, textures and interior design. We invited Claire to join us at our media event in March hosted at our Cavendish Square store where she enthralled our guests with a talk on colour and how it affects our lives and emotions.

We asked Claire to enlighten us on how our Autum | Winter 2016 collection of colourful vases and décor could positively affect you in your home.

Here is Claire’s take on our winter colours and how you can incorporate the Plascon 2016 colour trends with our latest collection:

Winter can take away all your energy, and the best way to banish the winter chills is to inject a shot of life into a neutral palette with a few carefully chosen colourful accessories.

Colour can tell people more about yourself than you think

Everyone has colour preferences and children often ask their friends what their favourite colours are. Different systems of character analysis have been devised that use the subject’s colour preferences to resolve issues and reveal secret hopes and dreams. Colour selection reflects our personalities and affects the way we think, feel and behave. The best way to see which colours you prefer is to look at your home décor and the colours you surround yourself with and wear.

You will start to see a pattern emerging showing your favourite and least favourite colours.

Understanding Colour Therapeutics and its guidelines when using colour can help us achieve restful and restorative environments, or stimulating environments for leisure relaxation and work.

Plascon’s Heirloom theme paired with Isabelina vases

Our Plascon 2016 forecast colours from the ”Heirloom” theme work beautifully with Isabelina’s collection of ceramics. This palette weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold colour statements to reflect a landscape of optimism, fun, and all things sensuous indicating a timeless appreciation for good old fashioned family security. Design expressions here include colour treatments that mirror Old Master paintings, a careful balance of light and dark tones, and artful decay in textures. Pair a treated wall with the Isabelina Blue Lagoon Standing vase or Sweat Pea Porcelain Urn.

Plascon Heirloom Roomset opt 2 Distressed3

  Sweet pea porcelain urn

The use of Peach or Apricot is a wonderful colour that adds warmth to an interior. If you find you are incorporating it in your space as a detail, you might be feeling sentimental. Enhance this space with the Burnt Orange Oval Vase in shades of apricot, orange and red.

SHOT 4 Heirloom Roomset Burnt Orange Oval Vase

This season we combine teals, rusty reds, sensual peach with navy and green

Combining shades of teals, rusty reds, sensual peach with navy and green brings across a feeling of luxury and elegance to a space. This palette is supremely confident and the colours transport us to a place that is restful, pleasant and inviting.

Get this look: A deep lush and elegant teal, (Plascon Distant Storm G7-E1-3) with its cool touch, splashes up against the warmer tones of rusty reds and sensual peach (Peach Dawn 04-B2-1). It combines the serene qualities of green-blue with the invigorating aspects of deep rust, navy blue (Nautilus B6-D1-1) and chartreuse (Peak season Y5-B1-3).

Pair combinations of these colours with the elegance of a cylinder vase. Select from Isabelina’s Green & TealSapphire & Gold or Teal & Blue cylinder vases to enhance your room.

Plascon heirloom range Plascon Heirloom range   burgundy-blue-and-green-home-winter-colours-440x729

Green &Tteal Cylinder Vase ZHE 372 Cylinder Vase ZHE371 Teal vase


I have found that understanding the use of colour is an integral element in the process of interior and exterior architecture and it is necessary that architects and interior designers reflect a more holistic understanding of the potential of colour in order to put colour back into our surroundings.

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About Claire

Claire-Bond-bioClaire Bond has been with Plascon since 2005 when she was manager of the award-winning Plascon “Living Concepts Showroom”, which has since developed into the Plascon Spaces Showroom where Claire is the resident stylist, brand ambassador, and curator of the Showroom stages. The combination of 10 years at Plascon and 25 years of experience in the field of colour and décor have allowed Claire the perfect canvas to use her creativity as well as gain a thorough understanding of the paint industry. Claire is a regular guest speaker at Decorex, Grand Designs, contributing guest on the Home Channel TV series “Décor Made Simple”, with DIY slots on Espresso morning TV, the occasional appearance on Top Billing, and contributing articles to many popular South African Home and Décor magazines.


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