Judith’s tips to lighten and brighten your space this summer

1 December 2015

I tend to redecorate my home in spring or summer each year. It feels like a good time of the year as we welcome more light and warmth into our homes. And when I use the word redecorate I don’t mean that I overhaul curtains, carpets and kitchen counters. I simply remove items that are outdated or that I do not feel an affinity with anymore, and bring in accessories and pieces that really speak to me in my current state of mind.

This summer, my decorating radar is in full power mode as we build a new family home. This is both a daunting and exciting opportunity for me but it gave me the idea of sharing my best practices for introducing new décor items into a home along with the best décor accessories that are brand new at our Isabelina emporiums.

Here are my tips to lighten and brighten your home this summer:

Add flowers

To me nothing looks better than a beautiful arrangement of flowers on a kitchen counter or hallway entrance server. I have flowers in my house year round. My secret you ask? At Isabelina we sell the most life-like soft-touch silk flowers that I have ever seen. I have customers smelling them, blissfully unaware. They are easy to clean and are so life like, your friends will never know – they will simply be jealous that you are always on top of your flower arranging!



It is also possible to change up your arrangements so that they don’t always look the same. Alternate dishes or buckets and even their location so that you don’t get bored. We suggest the oval pewter tub and pewter planter to house your flowers such as orchids and gladioli.

SUM211-XXXL-oval-Pewter-tub SUM338-Pewter-tub-with-handles-and-on-feet

Introduce lamps

I am a big believer in having table and side lamps scattered throughout my home. These are easy to move around within your existing décor layout without having to move the main furniture items. Plus they cast such a beautiful glow that I seldom need to use my overhead down lighters.

At Isabelina we have a range of lampshades and bases that can be mixed and matched for your ultimate end result. The newest addition to our lamp family includes our Jacaranda side lamps made from dried jacaranda pods and beads. The effect when the light is switched on is magical! Our oversized geometric table lamp is such a striking addition to your decor and our standing lamps have various insets, such as the glass inset below.

AQ04-Jacaranda-Pod-table-lamp ZHE327-Stainless-steel-with-copperized-cut-out-table-lamp-base-and-shadeGAR047-standing-lamp-with-glass-cut-crystals-


Purchase an investment upholstered piece of furniture

Mix and match your lounge suite by bringing in one signature upholstered armchair, couch or ottoman. An ottoman with storage space is not only practical (think towels and linen storage) but it is so versatile – besides being a great investment piece, it can be moved around the house if needed, such as at the end of a bed.

Ottoman-1-1200x900 PU040-Daybed

Welcome light wood and white tones

There’s no better time than summer to introduce the light and bright tones of light wood and white. It makes a room bigger and more welcoming.

We recommend accent furniture pieces such as our wood and white console that is both practical yet unique in its design. Finished off with wooden vase on a gloss white base with a bunch of your favourite flowers, and you’ve got yourself a perfect entrance hall ensemble.

White and wood consoleZHE312-wood-fluted-vase-on-white-foot

Then add smaller accessories to your space that can be moved around as needed, like our white pebble side tables, fantastic for indoor use or even outdoors during a summer soirée on the patio. Add the finishing touch to your entertaining with the white gloss and stainless steel drinks cabinet.

AR011-White-Pebble-Side-table ATH070 Drinks cabinet

Introduce contemporary Africa

We live in Africa and are proud of our heritage but I prefer a more contemporary African feel in my home. At Isabelina, all of our items are designed in-house and we love taking a typically African object like horns and giving them a modern twist. Our Gemsbok horn* chandelier that comes in different sizes and in white or black, is a perfect example of this.

Or introduce a touch of Africa with our Jacaranda chandeliers, made from dried jacaranda pods and beading that gives it a beautiful twinkle at night.

18-bulb-resized 25-bulb-resized AQ03-Small-white-R4850

Whatever your style, remember it’s the small accents that can make a home beautiful. Visit our Isabelina emporiums countrywide for a range of décor accessories, lighting and furniture. All of our stores have an in-house interior decorator to assist you.

Happy decorating

X Judith

* At Isabelina we support ethical practices – the gemsbok horns we use are from culled animals through reputable sources.

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