Upgrade your home this summer

5 December 2016

The summer season gives us the perfect excuse to shake off the dreariness of winter and open up our home to warmth and sunlight. Judith suggests ways to lighten and brighten your space this season with white and light-toned décor.

Introduce glass vases

Showcase your flowers in all their glory by displaying them in fully transparent glass vases. Branch vases are a fast growing trend allowing you to display long stemmed flowers such as proteas or roses, beautifully.

Upgrade your decor - branch vases

Opt for white decor ware

Introduce light or white decor ware instead of darker, heavier pieces. Vases, bowls and candle holders in white accents assist in creating a lighter and brighter space.

Choose furniture in shades of white, taupe or creams

Your bigger statement pieces dictate the overall look and feel of your space. This summer opt for servers, dining room tables, side tables and coffee tables in white gloss or white marble. Smaller items such as ottomans in light fabrics and ghost chairs with white leather accents also make fantastic accessories.

Upgrade your decor - Isabelina  Upgrade your home - Isabelina

If you’re not a fan of white, try slightly darker shades such as taupe in smaller items like nesting tables or lampshades.

Upgrade your home - Isabelina nesting tables

Opt for glass lighting

Lighting trends right now are all about the art of reflection and light. Which is why glass and crystal are our materials of choice. To enhance feelings of lightness and brightness this season, opt for pendants and statement lights in glass to enhance this concept. We suggest the Ice Light Clusters or Round Terrarium Light Clusters.

Go for natural and organic crockery

Summer is all about entertaining in style. Go natural with unique tableware that is handmade and organic rather than mass produced. And it doesn’t have to be a full dinner service – small ceramic bowls for dips, ceramic coffee mugs with mango wood saucers, and small items such as milk jugs go far in enhancing your entertaining this summer.

Upgrade your home - Isabelina ceramics

For these and more items, please visit your nearest showroom or browse our lighting, tables, consoles, soft furnishings and decor ware products.

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