Artisan rugs now available at Isabelina

12 September 2016

New to the Isabelina showrooms this season we showcase exquisite artisan premium rugs, hand-woven and unique in design and material.

Select from the rugs in-store or choose from a broad catalogue of colours, textures, designs, sizes and fabrics, all made up specifically to our customers specs.

Isabelina artisan rugs

Isabelina artisan rugs

Isabelina artisan rugs

Here are Judith’s tips for selecting the perfect rug for your space:

Create definition in a room

If you’re struggling to define a space in your home such as an open plan dining or living room, a rug or carpet can artfully define spaces and distinguish functions in a wide-open room.

Rugs placed in certain areas can also prevent furniture from feeling adrift in a space such as areas that don’t have walls to divide the different functions. That’s why area rugs are such a valuable asset in an open plan house. They create the illusion of containment without the actual need for walls and dividers.

Add warmth to a space

Consider the objective of the rug. Is it simply a dividing tool for a large space or do you need it to make the space warmer? If this is the case, picking the right texture of the rug is important. Go for a wool or shaggy rug for warmth.

Décor statement

Colours and patterns also play a role. One can either select a rug of a similar colour palette as the room to maintain a harmonious feel in the room or if you are feeling brave, select a bold or patterned rug that makes a statement.

For these and more rug designs, please visit your nearest showroom.

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