Let Isabelina create the perfect work space for you

At Isabelina we specialize in design that has you and your comfort in mind. When preparing your ideal work from home space, let Isabelina assist you on focusing on creating an area that is pleasant to go to. You will be spending a lot of time there so give yourself the best working conditions that you can. Use colors and textures that you feel most comfortable with and make you feel good – don’t worry about trends and fashions. Find your own groove – this is your work space.

If you intend on spending extended time working from home, it is worthwhile to invest in built in cabinetry to suit your available space. Desks, storage, shelving and printer space should be integrated, rather than free standing pieces as this will ensure that your space is organized, clean and uncluttered. Whether they are smoked glass or duco-finished, choose closed doors rather than open shelves as this ensures your area looks bigger, less cluttered and your stored items remain clean and free of dust.

Just a tip – if you spend long periods of time at your desk, ensure that your desk is the correct ergonomic height and that your chair has a height adjustment. If a traditional office chair is too jarring in the home environment, soften and integrate it by having a professional upholstered swivel chair made up in your specific color scheme.

Stay safe

Judith xo