Splendidly South African

“Proudly South African” and “Local is Lekker” are both tag lines we see hailing a locally manufactured product, but according to business reviews and economic scholars, these are essentially more than just feel good mantras that signal humanistic bourgeois, rather, it is the community boost that is much needed in our economic climate.

At Isabelina, we try as far as possible to support local brands, factories and manufacturers, and call it capital gain when international clients spot and scoop up our exclusive on trend designs. We have taken great care to build relationships with businesses around us, with the added benefit of knowing the quality of the items produced, as well as investing time, fostering relationships and developing the talent that so beautifully shines in our country.

People may argue that the local goods cost more, seeing that larger retailers grew as a result of their low prices, but this changes when you take into account the increase we see in local employment and since these items stem from a source nearby, we’re doing our part to save the environment in lower transportation emissions.

Many more items in our repertoire seek to be manufactured locally, but we can confidently say that our entire upholstery range is now produced from start to finish on South African soil, and these exquisite pieces are the result of a raw material being utilized – the raw material of human effort and talent.

Support local and help our country grow, in stature, finance and sufficiency once more.

Judith xoxo