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A feature on Home Fabrics

In the bustling world of interior design, where trends come and go, a family-owned business has carved its niche with a unique blend of passion, creativity, and personalisation.

“The wide selection of fabrics, textures, and colors offered by Home Fabrics allows Isabelina to curate spaces that truly reflect our clients’ unique style.” — Judith Matthews, co-founder of Isabelina

The addition of FiberGuard, a range of fabrics with stain-resistant properties, has been a game-changer. Clients appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that their furniture is protected, especially in pet-friendly or child-friendly homes. The accessibility and excellent service provided by Home Fabrics have made them an invaluable partner in Isabelina's design process.

The team at Isabelina takes pride in their ability to understand client's needs, working closely with them to bring their dream homes to life. With Home Fabrics' up-to-date sampling and a wide range of options, Isabelina can stay in sync with current trends while ensuring their designs align with its brand identity. Their upcoming Liberty story, featuring beautiful blush and metallic elements, is a testament to their ability to incorporate trends that complement their clients' desires.

Thank you for the feature, Home Fabrics. Read the full article, by following this link.


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